Russel Majik


Russell Majik , is a young video director/editor from Hamilton, Ontario. The ambitious entrepreneur started in the industry by directing and editing music videos for local Toronto artists. The self taught talent is now the official videographer/editor for CP Records & Body By Chosen. He approached us with his story and we immediately booked a date and got to work. Trusting Juan’s talent, Majik insisted we, “create as we go.” The tattoo has various pieces, two being the film strip and dream catcher along with other details that represent certain aspects of Majik’s life. The tattoo revolves around symbolism that portrays his ambition for film and chasing his dreams. From the eye pupil drawn as a camera lens to the tear that falls from it which emphasizes the struggle and emotion he puts into his work. Along with the CN tower, 905 engraved in the clock (area code of Hamilton where he originated from) to the words, “Dream as if I’ll live forever, live as if I’ll die today.” Majik’s tattoo is not only a tattoo, it’s his life reflected through art, inked on his skin that tell his story.

Instagram/Twitter @majikvideos